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JIO TV web Version For Online Streaming of TV Channels Shows

JIO TV web Version For Online Streaming of TV Channels Shows

JIO TV WEB: Reliance Jio has made a good network in all over the country with more than 130 million users using their services.Continuous comeback of Jio has increased the number of users day to day.Now, Reliance Jio has launched the jio tv on web, in which a user can watch all the channels on their Laptop or PC via the internet.This is the second services which have been provided by the Jio on web basis.Reliance Jio has made his great network in telecom and now want to attract more customers with their exciting offers, which starts with free services and further it may charge fewer cost.

It is one of the best services provided by Jio in which the user can experience the jio tv web live with more than 500 channels based on different categories.There are also 60 HD channels available and the users of different state can change choose any of the languages as Jio TV contains more than 15 languages.This service is developed while keeping in mind all over the country whether it is a different region.

How To Open JIO Live TV on web

If you are planning to get the free Jio TV services then you have to visit the site on your system and with the Jio Id and password of your Jio app, you can easily register to get free jio live tv on web.

On December 19, 2017, Jio has launched the jio tv web version to expand his network all around the country, starting with the free services. It is not compulsory for the users to use only Jio network, you can easily access with any other network with good internet connection.The thing that requires is any of the Jio account ID and password to login there in the site before watching any of the serials.Some of the steps are provided below to make you clear about the procedure to start Jio TV services on your PC or Laptop

 How To login into Jio TV Web Version

  1. The first step is to visit the Jio TV official site from any of your web browsers.
  2. In the screen, you will see Jio TV is loading; you have to sign in with your JIO Id and password which you have provided in MY Jio App.
  3. After completing the process, you have to click on the category and the channel which you want to watch online here.
  4. Now,enjoy watching TV without facing any of the problems but keep in mind you should have a good working network to stream the channel fast.

From the different reports, it is clear that the person should use the Jio TV with or without Jio sim the only thing that required is Jio Account ID and password to login to the jio live tv on web.The user can also take Jio ID and password from any of the relative or friends just to log in there.

With the exciting work let’s check the features of Jio TV web for different regions and channels

  1. If talking about the interface of the Jio TV Web is almost similar to the application that is working on the phone.The user cannot find any of the major changes in the Jio TV online as the appearance of the TV is same and it was made to keep in mind the Jio Application.
  2. The channels of the Jio TV contains all of the categories which is available in the phone version such as news, sports, movies, entertainment, music and all type of most viewed channels.
  3. There is also the option to make the filter of the channels which you want to watch. The user can also make the channels in their favorite list so they can easily find them to watch the favorite episode in time.
  4. The user can also watch the programs for previous day or any of the past date and can select the timing of the serial manually and watch it according to the need.

When Jio TV Web Version Will Live

After the launching of jio tv web version, everything was done well but within few hours, the experts have found the technical problem due to which it doesn’t work further. Due to technical litigation, the site has been stopped and the Jio team has started working on this issue.The problem was found on December 19, 2017, and the site has stopped until now with the message over there “the site is under construction”.

It is not clear when the site will work properly. As the problem is major and the team has given said that it may take up to one year to fix the entire problem and if the issue will over soon, the user can watch jio tv on web.

The Purpose of JIO TV web Live

While making the Jio TV, it is clear that the Reliance want to make more customers use their services, whether it is paid or free. The trust of the users to the Jio services are more and they are waiting for the new offers from the Jio services to grab them and enjoy 4G network within less prices.

Most of the people do not want to hold the phone and watch TV for a long time, they want to just lie on the bed and watch continuously.The Web version of Jio has made a great thing the user can watch programs while relaxing on the bed and is the similar experience as watching TV via DTH.

Everyone wants to get the chance to enjoy free services whether it is of free data or free DTH. The Jio TV service is the only one service which can save the prices which we paid to the DTH with the same experience. There is no need to buy any type of setup box to run the channels as it is same as the mobile application of the Jio TV. This website can be supported to any of the web browsers whether it is Chrome or Firefox, you can easily enjoy the service in your system while opening the site with any of the comfortable browsers that you normally use.

How to Install Jio TV App

JIO TV Download For Laptop

JIO TV App For PC Free Download


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